About Us

Sandee Nielander is the Founder and President of EE Consulting & Coaching Services LLC.  She has been in business since November 2001 delivering information and sharing knowledge with businesses of all sizes since then.  Prior to starting her business she spent 32 years in the consumer goods industry working with people and contributing greatly to the operations of her corporate employer.  She has always believed that great people, workable plans, and best practices are what make a successful business.  She recently completed her book “Successful Transitions in Accelerated Relationships – A Journey in CRM” that focuses on processes she successfully put into place in her career.  She enjoys reading, socializing, traveling and helping others.  She has 2 children, both in the healthcare field and 5 grandchildren.  She can be reached at snielander@eecoaching.com or by phone 336-471-5212 or 502-767-0637.

Paul Nielander has managed multiple IT (information technology) projects in his 31 years working for a major corporation.  His expertise allows any company with any project, small to large, to reap the benefits of getting the job done within budget and on time.  And you won’t have to worry about where we are in the process because we give you regular updates on where we are in reaching all milestones and where we are in working with your budget.  For a complimentary consultation, give Paul a call at 336-471-5212 or 502-767-0637.  Paul enjoys reading and working on projects.  He will get you results!

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