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Our programs are designed with you in mind.  No canned packages will drive your workforce towards success.  It takes programs and coaching in place to ensure results happen!  We set ourselves apart from other trainers by offering complimentary follow up coaching with members of your staff after each training program is delivered.  We want to make sure that once the workshop is over, your staff doesn’t forget everything they learned and that they put their learning into action.

After 32 years in the corporate world and nearly 10 years of being in business working with all business types and sizes, we have the experience to make a difference in your people.  Let us help you determine what is best and we’ll deliver the results you are looking for in your training needs.

Experiential learning is the missing link between textbook learning, training and development through generic learning programs, and the work environment.  It is about continuous learning and it is about maximizing the intellectual capital of any one individual in any one company. 

People do business with people.  And because we want our people to perform to their optimum levels in business, it is important that we deliver learning in ways that an individual who is taking courses or expanding their intellect so they completely understand what is being taught, that they have the ability to interact, and that they apply their learning to the “working environment”.   This is the experiential learning process:

  1. Information is shared and individuals are motivated to acquire the knowledge and information provided for in training programs.
  2. The focus of the course directly relates to real business issues so individuals work together as a team to problem solve.
  3. The course combines several forms of learning – visuals, interactive sessions, etc.
  4. There is time to absorb what is being taught and the individual(s) have time to reflect on those learnings.
  5. The course draws from previous and current life and business experiences.


If workshops aren’t for your business at this time, then consider coaching one-on-one or in teams. 

One of your most important assets is people!  If you don’t put the focus on people, profits can fall, your business can become obsolete and relationships can suffer.  We put our focus on coaching your people to perform at their highest levels.  We call it “accelerated performance coaching”.  Many times, people become “accidental” managers without the proper knowledge of how to manage.  This happens because either there may not be anyone who has the knowledge of the business who can fill the position or it’s too costly to train and hire someone new.  Why not hire us to coach that person until they’ve developed the skills and knowledge to get them up to where they need to be so your focus can be on more important business areas?  The same goes for leadership development.  If your chosen “leaders” don’t know how to lead or lack certain skills, let us show them the way!  Our methods of delivery include face-to-face coaching, video coaching (this is new!), and telephone coaching.  All methods are effective and allow the client and the coach to reach stated goals set up in the initial coaching relationship.

See our “Resources” area for information on our tele-classes!  See “New Programs” for a list of our newly developed programs to fit any business!

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