New Programs

Our newest programs are as follows:

  • ASAP3 (Advanced Solutions to Accelerate People, Performance, and Profits):  This program focuses on assessments, process management, and experiential training workshops to fit your business need to include follow-up coaching.


  • Lunch and Learn Series:  Don’t have time for training?  This program offers a series of tele-classes or lunchtime/break room bits of training on topics needed to keep your staff focused.  Those topics are determined through a collaborative effort between you and EE Consulting.


  • Open Doors Program:  This program is similar to the ASAP3 but on a much broader scale that includes strategic planning.


  • MOSAIC (Mastering Organizational Silo-breaking Activities through Integrated Collaboration):  This program involves looking at your organization as a whole, driving results through menu-driven solutions, and improving communication across all groups.  No longer will you hear Sales say “finance is keeping us from making the sale” or Finance saying “Sales Department is giving the shop away” because we will work with all teams to ensure all teams are working towards organizational goals that will make your business successful.  


  • Tales That Teach      (Click to reveal a list of workshops)


And we will develop programs that are exclusive to your business! 

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